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The project

Abdelkader Bensalah Scholarships for Excellence were launched in 2018, in partnership with the Moroccan Student Foundation (FME). It is a program that offers financial and educational support to the best baccalaureate students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The young people are accompanied in their university studies, in order to facilitate their success and professional integration. And once they are integrated into the wage labor or the business world, to inspire them to become ambassadors or even leaders of social innovation projects.

The Foundation's support

Thanks to the support of Abdelkader Bensalah Foundation, scholarships for excellence have been awarded to two classes of five students in engineering and in management and business schools, from different regions of the Kingdom.

On the one hand, the Foundation provides them with financial aid for the duration of their studies, as well as computer equipment, transport allowances and health insurance. On the other hand, it also takes care of the registration, competition and school fees requested by the institutions, while offering support courses and individualised coaching. Finally, Abdelkader Bensalah Foundation also offers scholarship students an introduction to social entrepreneurship and support to encourage them to undertake social innovation. 

With this partnership, the Foundation is making a significant impact by giving these 10 baccalaureate students access to excellent training, while raising their awareness of social innovation.

The project holder

The Moroccan Student Foundation (FME) is a non-profit association, created in 2001 and recognised as a public utility in 2013. Its objectives are to enable the brightest baccalaureate holders from backgrounds with limited opportunities to pursue higher education in institutions of excellence, and to accompany them until their professional integration.


I was lucky enough to be among the scholarship holders who benefited from several training sessions. This allowed me to develop my skills, while building my self-confidence. In addition, I was also able to learn about social entrepreneurship and consider new projects...
Oumayma Tajir, 1st year ENSAM Meknes
Abdelkader Bensalah Scholarships for Excellence program allowed me to come to Casablanca for the first time! I was able to discover the city and participate in several very enriching training courses. Thanks to the coaching and the introduction to social entrepreneurship, I was able to exchange with many people and improve my skills
Hanae El-Filali, Oujda

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