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The project

The DAM Project, for the empowerment of single mothers, is a two-year program which aims to strengthen the Insaf association’s system for the professional integration of single mothers in a situation of total abandonment, through self-entrepreneurship. The aim is to accompany 80 project holders, supporting them at every stage of their journey, thanks in particular to a series of training courses and a supply of professional equipment. This approach contributes to the fight against poverty and exclusion of abandoned single mothers and their children.

The Foundation's support

Abdelkader Bensalah Foundation supports this Insaf project, alongside Mohammed V Foundation’s center for Very Small Enterprises in Solidarity and Anapec.

In 2020, daily support through entrepreneurial training, local monitoring and the provision of 80 professional kits for hairdressing, couture and cooking, will enable 80 women who were in a situation of total abandonment and without any life plans for themselves and their children to regain their self-confidence, and equip themselves to move forward in life, thereby contributing to their empowerment. 

The project holder

The National Institute for Solidarity with Women in Distress (Insaf) is a non-profit association, recognised as being of public utility, founded in 1999. It works to preserve and deepen the rights of women and children. Its work is based on three main themes: preventing the abandonment of children born out of wedlock, combating the exploitation of underage girls in domestic work and raising awareness of the rights of women and children.

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